Week 15 – The Peaceful Nightmares

The land of dreams;
Where minds become magical canvases
And thoughts are the world’s mightiest artists,
Creating peaceful worlds
Full of serenity and happiness.

But mine,
Mine is a little different.
It is the void
reflecting my heart;
Empty and cold.
It is the bloody arena
Of lost dreams.
It is the endless parade
Of all my fears
Manafesting the demons of my soul.

It is where I see who I really am;
It is where denial is futile
And all there is, is brutal.
It is where silence is deafening,
And the screams are empty.
It is where I feel alone
But at home.
It is where the mask falls off,
No need to pretend,
Everyone can see the claws.

My nightmares are the only place where I am me.
They are the home where I find restless peace.


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