Week 13 – The silence

The silence;
So pure and relaxing
For a mind that won’t stop screaming.
I breathe the silence in,
Feel it cleansing my soul.
All the pain just slips away
All the misery disappears.

How can being alone feel so great?

I start to dread seeing people.
I just can’t fake it anymore.
All I want is to be with me.
I don’t have it in me to clench my face
To form a smile to please them.

How can being lonely feel so right?

The silence chases my demons away
As the thoughts finally become mine again.
My mind hasn’t been this peaceful
Since I became aware of myself.

The silence that once was my hell
Is now a gift from the heavens.
It is giving me the strength to be
And the means to survive.

Drown all the noise
Just be quiet
Let there be no sounds.
No words to be heard.
Listen to your soul
And the world will listen back


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