Potential encounters

I was so engrossed in my book, that I didn’t notice that my laughs turned from muffled to full blown chuckles.

The book was a delight like a well roasted coffee mug in the early morning, or an exquisite piece of dark chocolate,I loved and enjoyed it too much that I didn’t want it to end I kept savouring every line, rereading the lines, as I paused to catch my breath at a particularly breathtaking part, I looked up to find a pair of intense honey brown eyes looking at my direction, ‘I must have looked ridiculous’ I thought laughing out loud in the quiet hush of the early morning at my favourite cafe, but the eyes weren’t judgemental they were soft and understanding, ‘A fellow book-worm ‘ I thought .

I nodded returning the soft smile directed at me ,and went back to my book sensing those honey eyes returning to the laptop in front of them as well ,we returned to our tasks both of us taking comfort in our silent companionship ,smiling at an inside joke we never revealed.


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