Week 11 – I Dream of Zombies

I dream of zombies almost every night
It can at times, be quite the fright.
I run away, but they have me in their sight
I turn to face them and get ready to fight.

I rarely hide or cower,
I often tap into some unknown power.
In their blood I would shower;
Unless I can pick them off one by one, from an extremely high tower.

Sniping from afar is not enough
Hacking them to pieces is not enough
Be tough they say, be tough.

Burning them alive is not enough
Blowing them up is not enough.
Be tough now, be tough.

No matter what I do, it’s never enough.
Be tough I say, be tough.

I try to rest far away and on the floor I lie
Work out a plan and think up new things to try.
Only once was there a battle I would not survive
But at least I woke up while I was still alive.

You can’t blame me – I was going up against Godzilla.
I have to say, my dreams are often exciting thrillers.

Today I asked why zombies? Why?
I read a few websites and I won’t lie,
I felt they were appropriate and quite true
They were barely hints, but I now have a clue.

My brain’s been warning me for years
The reasons why I have no more tears.

Beware! Beware! Disconnection imminent!
Beware! Beware! It might become permanent!

Till now thank God, I have not yet turned
So there’s still hope, before all is burned.

I’m still in the transition
Of becoming dead inside
So it’ll become my mission
To save myself before I slide
Into the darkness from which I won’t escape
It’s within my hands to change my fate.

I dream of zombies every night…
I won’t let them become my blight.


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