Week 10 – Indifference

I find that I’m rarely enthusiastic about anything these days. I feel indifferent towards almost everything.

The idea of holding hands with someone used to get my heart fluttering. The thought that I could be trying something new would get me excited.

Now, when sitting in the cinema used to get my heart beating, it barely incites a palpation.

I have found that there seems to be a trend in the lack of wonderment in people’s eyes. Where has that sense of wonder gone? Why do we feel so indifferent to positive emotions?

There are many moments that warrant a warm reaction, or would naturally make someone feel warm and fuzzy inside, yet nothing… my brain ticks but my heart dead silent.

What are we consuming, or what has happened to our brain’s chemistry? Has our attachment to portable technology severed the ability to feel? Has the current fashion of desensitisation consumed the cells that allow us to connect emotionally?

Has life become that easy? Have we become so pampered that we’ve lost our ability to feel passionate?

Apathy seems to be the norm. Is it possible to return from the point of Indifference to the point of empathy? Can I bring myself back to feel? To care? To love? Is there still hope?


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