Week 9 – I Am Life

I am a woman

Why do I have to make sacrifices?
Why is it my job to take care of every one
And then made to feel guilty or weak when wanting the same?
Why am I selfish when I ask for alone time?
Why am I not allowed the luxury of a breakdown
When all this burden becomes too much?

Why is my identity so irrelevant and disposable?
Why do I have to choose between having a family
And keeping my identity?
Why do I have to abandon my career
To raise my future kids?
Why do I have to erase who I am and become only a mum?
Why can’t men do the same?
They won’t be my kids alone,
We will make them together!

Why are only men allowed to be egotistical and act like gods ?
And yet I am vain if I ever acknowledge my beauty or intelligence!

Species go extinct when the number of females goes down
But only one man is enough to ensure its existence

Men might rule the earth,
But we are the reason it still exists.
We are the reason it will continue to exist.
You are the one who is replaceable,  not me.


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