Week 7 – Burn Burn


Wasted, my life, I feel at times.
Why have I suffered in a manner of such?
For suffering strengthens, we are told.
An eventful life or a peaceful one?
Which do you prefer?

I’ve always chosen eventful, for I know peace would bore me.
Sad, I think, my choice.
But, where’s the fun in the mild?
Spice, tantalises and awakens the sleeping spirit.

The spirit soars in and out, unhindered by the physical plane.
Although, it’s our own spirit chains that hold it back.
The blue flames to cut the chains lie down deep.
We extinguish it without a second thought.

Burn, burn. I wish to burn.
Burn the chains, burn the cage.
Burn the shadows that hide me.
Burn it all.

Let the demon come tonight.
Engulf me in his chest.
I’ve missed the scent he brings with him,
And I’ve missed the universe,
in the palm of his hand.


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