Week 6 – Red

Clenching, nails digging in, piercing my flesh.
Blood gushes out, each beat ejecting more.
The sensation is bitter but relieving.
Taste lingers in the back of my mouth.

Although my eyes are shut,
I can see the crimson stream
travel through the constricting tunnels.
It pulsates like a beacon,
numbing the rest of me.

The blood courses throughout,
never reaching its destination,
it spills through the gateway – the gash.
The numbing spreads,
almost pleasant now.

Muscles relax and tension dissipates.
The pulsating sensation begins to fade.
The numbing takes over.
Fading…I’m fading.

All I see is red, even as I float away,
It’s not darkness that consumes me,

It’s blood.


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