Week Six – Isolation

Once upon a time

I built a wall to protect me.

Protect me from the world,

People’s darkness and hatred. 

To protect and preserve innocence

That is now long gone. 

Then, with a sledge and hammer,

I destroyed the wall

Embraced the world

For all that it is;

I faced the ugly truth

I lived with the harsh reality.

I learned to survive. 

I grew fierce and strong.

But years later, I started to rebuild it,

To protect me or them,

I couldn’t tell.

A voice in me started to warn 

” we will lose our friends”

But I continued to build it.

“We will be alone”

But I continued to build it.

“There is no going back”

And I continued to build it. 

“They won’t understand”

And I never stopped building it.

I never knew why

And it didn’t seem to matter. 

The voice never stopped

It just stopped believing itself. 

It didn’t have hope,

Just went through the motions.

My hands never stopped

It knew the ritual.

One brick after the other, 

That’s the way to livs.

And the wall seems to go on for forever

There is no limit

Not even the clouds will stop me

And my hands know no exertion


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