I do not care

So the thing is …I do not care

You look and  pressure with you glare, insisting on what you deem as right

As I search into the intricates of my soul, I find that I truly ..do not care

Now now do not huff and puff, quite simply put

in cliché words and lame terms…

It’s not you it’s me!

I do not care, I used to though

oh how I used to fuss and fret, arrange and change or even reinvent  to squeeze and fold and trim myself to fit your cracked up mold.

I see you glaring tutting and staring, scolding me into your cold little box.

OK….umm  maybe I’ve babbled forgive me sometimes I tread off tracks

But just in case I wasn’t clear

Fuck you, I don’t give a shit!


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