Week Four – Same Old Story

Stumbling in the dark

Lost since forever. 

Trying to find the way 

To a place with no name 

Asking for directions 

But only getting nothing.

I can’t help

But doubt its existence.  

I am screaming my soul out 

“Show me the place to be”.

I am tired of being lost,

Of having no destination.

Of never knowing if I will ever get there.

So tired of feeling empty.



Show me my way

Or give me hope ;

A glimpse of the promised land;

A whisper that I will make it.

I can’t go on like this. 

I am losing my will.

Losing my hope.

Losing my mind.

My legs are giving up.

My mind can’t fake encouragement,

My heart is screaming in despair.

Give me hope.

A sign.

A glimpse.

A whisper.

Give me anything,

Cause I am giving up


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