Simple desires

I observe him while they’re all talking, I’m sure someone said something about his looks because he does this head tilt breathy chuckle that he does when someone says something nice about it’s the most absurd thing he’s heard, like the mere thought of him being good looking is out of this world. To be honest he is the most handsome of all the boys in our group, although it’s not the -in your face notice how good looking I am handsome- but the quiet unassuming handsome, that sticks with you long after you’ve gone home, remembering how his smile showed his dimples,or how his bright green eyes sparkled with amusement when he was in on a joke or a prank.

Most of us stopped complementing his looks along time ago . In the beginning when I first met him in highschool, I was bewildered by his reaction, but with time it was an unspoken rule amongst our group, focusing on Chris made him uncomfortable.

Actually there were a lot of unspoken rules in our group when it came to Chris ,don’t ask him about his childhood, don’t ask him why he never dates, don’t ask him to stay over, and if you want him to warm up to you and be your friend, never ask him why he always wears long sleeves even on the hottest of days.

The thing is we almost never broke these rules, you see being friends with Chris was a privilege that only a select few were allowed to experience, and I am proud to count myself as one of them,sure he was nice and friendly with all of us, but I noticed that he always had his guard up all the time, except some treasured moments when he would completely relax and tell me something about himself that only I was allowed to known, and I lived for these moments when he would stretch on the arm chair next to me and hum a tune that he would later say was from his days at the home.

I knew he was in the system, I just didn’t know anything else except the scrapes and pieces that he chose to give me about the kindest most loyal man I’ve ever met,but if I knew anything about myself it was that I was patient and I would wait no matter how long it took.

What do you think should I continue?


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