Week 2 – Pristi

Q2GCW1CLS5She sat in front of the classical stage mirror, each light bulb illuminating a soft warm glow. Bit by bit she removed her white foundation, each wipe uncovering a strip of pale peach skin. As she continued, she detached her crimson wig, revealing her short and black boyish hair.


Pristi smiled looking past her reflection behind her. She watched as her caramel comrade approached, not once stopping her routine. Her eyes followed as her colleague and friend took the seat beside her.

“You did great on stage tonight Hun.”

“Thank you Mimi. You were shimmering as always. No one shines brighter than you out there.”

A chaste chuckle escaped her supple lips, causing Pristi to look away, hiding her unintended blush. Pristi used the mirror to observe her unaware comrade, as Mimi went on chatting about something or other, falling on Pristi’s temporarily deaf ears.


            “Good night Hun. See you tomorrow night”

Pristi, still gathering her things, greeted Mimi in return, once again she studied her energetic stage-mate as she left their dressing room. Pristi exhaled, somewhat relieved Mimi had finally left her company. She took one last sad look in the mirror and followed Mimi’s now cold path.


            “Hey Babe”

The brash cold scorched her cheeks, waking her to the presence of her tall, lean lover.

“Smithie!” she said. He was her reset button, as long as she got to see him every night it didn’t matter what happened during the day. He leaned in to kiss her hello as she thought this, reminding her of who she truly loved.

“How was it? Good show?”

Smithie wrapped his arm around Pristi as they walked home and she recounted the day’s happenings and mishappenings. She told him everything, except for that moment. A guilty breeze swept through her, she knew she was lying, but ignored the guilt.


            Bodies entwined with each other. It was unclear which limbs were legs or arms. The peach and caramel swirled, sweating in the Brazilian heat. Sound of voices engrossed in utter ecstasy, got louder. The faces were unclear, gender was near impossible to define. Sweat dripped, voices rose and that chaste chuckle broke through.

KAOQ6JML93Pristi sat up sweating, awakened by the chuckle ripping through her dream. Panting, she looked over at Smithie as he slept beside her in their makeshift bed. She wiped her brow as she pondered if her man had an inkling of what her dreams hid. Did he suspect her desires?

Sunlight peeped through their old grey blinds, the light landed on the cast photo that stood on her dresser. Mimi and Pristi stood in costume, right in the middle of the group, their bodies close, each hugging the other with large grins on their faces. Pristi threw herself back beside her boyfriend, hiding her eyes from the photo and tried to get back to sleep.


              Ring, ring. Ring, ring. “Ignore it,” Pristi told herself, “I need sleep.” Ring, ring. The annoyance continued; Ring, ring.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get that for you.”

Pristi wrapped herself up some more in the sheets while Smithie answered the phone.

“Mimi? Hi! How are you?”

Pristi became alert under the sheets, debating whether or not she should jump out of bed and take the phone from her boyfriend’s hand.

“Uh huh, well she’s kinda sleepin’ right now.”

‘Wait! Don’t tell her that!’ Pristi thought. She tried to untangle herself from the sheets before her clueless partner could hang up.

“Alright, I’ll check. Babe? You awake? It’s Mimi, she says it’s really urgent. She can’t wait.”

“Yes, yes,” her voice muffled, but audible under the sheets, “One sec.”

In her oversized t-shirt and underpants, Pristi escaped her bed leaping and grabbed the phone from her amused beau.  Failing to compose herself and catch her breath, she answered the phone.

“Pristi?!” The sound of crying pierced her eardrums.

“Pristiiiii!!! He left me! He took everything! He…he…heee…” Mimi continued to wail, causing her to distort the words, making it hard for Pristi to understand anything.

“Mimi, calm down. Wait, honey I can’t hear you. Wait, wait. I’ll come over. Don’t do anything okay? I’ll be there in 15.”

Pristi hung up and raced to pick up random items of clothing scattered on the floor. Smithie walked in to find her dressed and searching for her second shoe.

“What’s going on P?”

“Mimi is in a dire state right now.” She continued to frantically search, “I have to go see what’s wrong with her – I couldn’t understand a thing on the phone.”

Smithie found the shoe right beside him and picked it up. He looked worried, Pristi could see that; it made her forgotten guilt reappear.

“You’re a good friend. She’s lucky to have you”

Pristi smiled and just before she took off, she gave him a reassuring kiss, which to him she hoped would be a gratifying one.


            Pristi stood on Mimi’s doorstep. She could feel her excitement and guilt battling; she hesitated before she knocked the door. “Why am I here?” she asked herself.

Mimi opened the door almost right away. Pristi felt a pang when she saw her friend’s red bloated eyes. She’d been crying all night. Mimi nearly jumped on the petite Pristi, hugging her tight as she wailed further into her shoulder. Pristi froze for a moment, suddenly unsure of what the most appropriate reaction should be, she found herself breathing her broken friend’s scent. Pristi faded into it, as the lily-scented perfume pulled her further into her companion. BEEP! BEEEEP! BEEP! A car cursed a jaywalking pedestrian, breaking the olfactory hypnosis.

“Let’s go inside Honey. I’ll make some tea and you can tell me everything.” Pristi led her distraught friend inside, composing her friend mask once again.



“I’m sorry, she’s broken up. I don’t entirely know the entire situation, but I can’t leave her like this. We’re out tonight. I’m so sorry!” Pristi apologised over and over to their manager. She couldn’t bear to leave Mimi, not then, not when she needed her most. “I understand. It won’t. Thank you, thank you so much!”

Pristi turned back to sit beside her troubled crush. She stared, enamoured, even when she was holding back her tears, fighting the urge to break down again, Mimi never ceased to captivate.

“Honey… Mimi… What happened?”

“Am I disgusting?”

Startled, “Of course not.”

“Am I bland?”

“Bland?” Pristi thought to herself. “No, you’re quite colourful”

“Am I fat?”

Pristi smiled a little, “Far from it, honey. You’re body is –”

“– Then am I ugly?!”

“No!” Pristi grabbed Mimi’s hands turning her to face her, “You’re the most enchanting and beautiful creature I’ve seen. I don’t think a phoenix can beat your beauty. You’re alive and vibrant, passionate and…” Pristi proceeded to gently grasp Mimi’s face, wiping her tears as she spoke, “…alluring.” A magnetising forced pulled the two towards each other, while their eyes remained locked. “Ashwariya Rai and Scarlett Johansson would blush in your presence Hun.”

Unaware that they were moving towards each other, Pristi continued to praise the woman that made her stomach jump stories high. “Mimi, you don’t know how… much… I…” Their lips locked and for a moment Pristi closed her eyes, engulfed in the salty and sweet taste of Mimi’s lips. “Shit” Pristi thought, she opened her eyes after she realised what happened, but before she pulled away she noticed Mimi’s face. Her eyes were closed, her cheeks flush and she could feel her arms working their way to Pristi’s back pulling her closer. Pristi mirrored Mimi and allowed herself to forget the world for a while.


            Caramel and peach limbs wrapped around each other and a colourful afghan snaked over and under their exhausted bodies. Pristi and Mimi lay on the grey and somewhat damp sofa, entangled in each other. Pristi looked at her prize, studying her features and playing with her hair. Her dreams came true and they didn’t need a warm evening in a Brazilian villa to experience this pleasure. She could feel Mimi’s heartbeat, pounding photo-1421050348089-e4356d6c8e18calmly beneath the blanket.

Mimi smiled, “I can hear your heart beating. It’s so fast.”

“It is?” Pristi shied away for a moment, embarrassed that her heart had betrayed her cool exterior.

Mimi adjusted herself and leaned over to kiss her new lover. Click, clack. Door opened and closed.

“Mimi! Mimi?” A man’s voice bellowed from the hallway. Heavy steps made their way towards the living room where the girls lay.

“Shit! It’s Frankie!” Mimi began to freak out, she tried to get up and untangle herself from the afghan, but instead pulled the two of them down on the floor. Frankie walked into the room to find Pristi and Mimi naked, one on top of the other.

“You fucking whore! I leave for one night and you’re already screwing…” He took a good look at her partner in crime and realised it was Pristi. “Fuck… you and Pristi?” Frankie grabbed a photo frame that stood on a nearby side table and chucked it at them as they tried to untangle. Pristi tried to maintain as much of her dignity as possible.

Mimi stood up, totally bare, “Frankie, baby… it’s not what you think! It just–”

“–What?! It’s just what?! I knew I couldn’t trust you, you cheating piece of shit!” Frankie slapped Mimi twice across the face before punching her in the stomach. Mimi choked from the punch and nearly threw up as she keeled over.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Pristi got angry and attempted to stand to confront the man who hurt the woman she adored.

“Don’t even fucking try!” Frankie took a step towards her, readying himself to punch again. “I felt guilty when I left…” He laughed in disbelief, “… I was gonna come and apologise for being a dick… It didn’t take you long to get over me. Bitch.” Turning to Pristi, “I always knew there was somethin’ off about you.” He moved closer towards Pristi, baring his teeth like a wild dog, “You’re lucky I don’t know how to reach your oblivious chump of a boyfriend.”

Pristi, half-stunned, moved towards Mimi, who winced at the pain from the beating and humiliation she’d just suffered. Tears streamed down her face, creating a pool of salty misery on the rug below. They heard Frankie slam the door shut behind him, as Pristi cradled Mimi in her arms.

“What have I done?” Pristi thought, “It’s my fault. Oh God… Smithie… Mimi… I’m so sorry.”



Please let me know what you think – I didn’t do any planning or rewrites to the story, and the POV is totally new for me. Any constructive opinions are welcome. There might be a second part to the story too. Thanks! – Sanguine Sage.


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