Week two – Trapped

Lived life by sheer luck
Hiding in the shadows of my life.
Just Following the crowd
Never had a plan or a destination;
Just went where life led me.
Unable to even do anything.
Couldn’t decide on anything.
Too scared to leave ,
Too scared to stay
Confused as to what to do

At a fork in the road
Now Faced with a choice for the first time
But should I stay or leave?
Should I go left or go right?
My mind is rumbling with confusion

Wishing for a silence I can’t hear.
Whispers everywhere are taunting me;
Torturing me
With tales of every road untraveled,
And every step retreaded.
Urging me to make a decision.

My mind us paralyzed.
I can’t leave ;
Don’t know any other place.
Don’t have a map or a destination.
Why would i leave?
I will just be lost and scared elsewhere!

But how could I stay?
This place is killing me.
Every part of it is screaming
“you don’t belong ”
The illusion I have created
Is crumbling down.

I can no longer hear my thoughts
My mind can’t think.
Can’t stay, should I leave?
Can’t leave,  could I stay?
Is there a place in between 


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