Worn out  glasses slightly bent,  color faded in the middle,

Dusty clothes hanging lopsidedly at the back of the closet,

Folded birthday wishes ,polaroids wedged in the mirror frame,

A moment but not a lifetime,

You were once very physical, active, loud voice,  chuckles, and hand gestures.

I have numbers on my phone I should erase,

I have stories and favorite preferences that no longer relate or can be used,

Sometimes my memory is cruel and I forget and consider you when I head count for an event.

What is a person’s life?

Is it a sum of little things ,


“Yeah remember when she used to like the topping more than the cake”

“He did always say that , didn’t he?”

Is it a quiet conversion you once had before falling asleep and meant more than it should.

Is it still sad that I’m waiting for your face in the crowd?

I think I’m being silly and melodramatic , but its OK I won’t voice it ,

Its just between you and me and those moments before I drift off to sleep.


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