what I want

What I want,

I want silent looks across the room,

I want a conversation summarized in a nod,

I want companionship not company,

I want muffled laughs in the pillow so we won’t wake up the kids,

I want lazy patterns drawn on naked skin,

I want united fronts in the face of anyone who tries to question us,

I want shoulder kisses,

I want kuddles,

I want 11:00pm baking, and 6:00am coffee mugs in bed,

I want long lingering hugs,

I want a life measured in laughs,

I want cheek kisses,

I want banter,

I want fights that end with making out,

I want loud words but not hurtful,

I want back hugs while doing the dishes,

I want tender words whispered after a long day,

I want waking up to eager eyes,

I want matching wrinkles,

I want grey hair counting competitions,

I want movie night pop corn,

I want cold toes mixed with warm under blankets,

I want singing in the car,

I want a bond that can’t be broken by death,

I want a love that surpasses the grave,

I want what is unique, heartwarming, intense, consuming, tender and farfetched…

But I want it all the same.


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