The Truth

As each day passes by I grow more indifferent. I look at people and I pity them. They are pathetic. Look at them fighting over petty things. Look at them killing each other. Look at them fighting for control. Look at them feeling sorry for themselves. Look at them judging each other. I feel myself shrinking into my cocoon, I hate everything and everyone. I stop socializing because I can’t deal with people anymore. I can’t take their bullshit, it has become too much to handle. I’m crawling into my cave of silence and loneliness because it’s safer. My comfort zone is my life, a path of safety and yet it is a path of self-destruction. Then, perhaps the reality of this hatred is that I see myself in these people. Maybe I hate them because I’m pathetic. I’m the one who’s fighting, judging, and hating others. I am what I see in them.


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