Futile pursue?

They always tell you to follow your dreams;

To struggle and fight

“It is all worth it.

Nothing feels better

Than finally attaining that dream.

That’s where true happiness lays”


But what happens when you struggle,


And bleed,

To get to your dream

Only to realize

It is not what you thought it would be.


You built it so high in your imagination;

All the happiness and satisfaction.

But in reality it is nothing.

The Promised Land

Is nothing more than a Waste Land.


What happens then?

What do you do?

What do you live for?


Is it better to dream and do nothing?

Just to have an escape island

Merely a place to visit in your dreams

For when life takes its toll on you?

Or is it worth it to pursue

And risk shattering your dreams

And realizing there is no escape from this life?




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