The Silent Noise

The silence all around him,

The voices screaming in his head;




Begging him to make a move.

Scared that it might be too late.

Furious from the lack of will.


He tries to silence them;

Dreaming of a moment of serenity.

He can’t admit to himself

Just how lost he is.

He doesn’t understand

Where he came from.

He doesn’t know where he is going.

Everything around him seems like a mirage;

A figment of his imagination.


All his life and what he has been doing

Have no value;

Just a waste of time and energy.

He has nothing to show for them.


He is losing hope.

He is losing his mind.

What do you do when nothing feels real?

When you don’t believe in hope?

When your life feels absent?

When your mind is too much to handle?

How do you hang on to life

When hanging on is killing you?


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