Eternal Darkness?

All his life things have been changing,

His friends, dreams, and even preferences.

But some things have always stayed the same

No matter how much he tried to change them.

No matter how much he tried to fight them

They haunt him all the time

Never giving him any peace of mind;




His unchanging unwavering enemies.


His search for happiness

Has always been futile.

Eventually he had to wonder;

He has always known misery

Despite barely having any drama,

Or tales of loss and defeat.

His misery had no real cause or reason,

It is like it is embedded in his heart!

So would he even know when happiness knocks on his door?

Would he even know how to be happy?


How can he find out?

What can he do?

Is there anything to do?


Is he destined to be like this forever?

In a forest of nothing but darkness?

Can he dare to dream?

Can he dare to pursue?

Or should he stop fighting

And come to peace with the darkness?

Surrender himself to it?

Accept it for what it is?…

The only world he will ever know!




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