Six Feet Under

Creatures like us have always feared the unknown, we are curious by nature though. We search for the answers and we theorize in hopes to find the truth. We can’t handle the unknown, we can’t comprehend the existence of nothing. So we choose to escape death by either ignoring its existence or by believing in the celestial being or both. However, the fear is still there, the fear of nothingness and the unknown.

The way you ignore the existence of death gives you the illusion that you could overpower it. After all most of the deaths you see or hear on the news or from friends are not close enough. So you forget and you think that it’ll never possibly hit so close to home. That you’re invincible.

Then one day it hits you so close that you break

Someone important to you is taken by the reaper. So your heart contracts in pain over the loss, you scream and cry in anguish. You hug yourself tightly, begging that your life be taken instead. Pleading with what you worship to return from the grasp of the angel of death the soul it has taken.  You remember every good thing your loved one did, and the times you spent together even if they were rare. You are angry that the world didn’t stop, it just moved on like nothing happened. You are worried that your loved one will eventually become a distant memory, a shadow in the back of your mind. Then shame overcomes you.

It’s a long road to find peace, to find that tranquility and acceptance. You come to face your mortality or you simply ignore it again. Death will always be the monster that grabs our loved ones, but to others it’s just another transition to a promised divine world.


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