The Dark Box

Once upon a time it was barely used
So small,
So easy to hide,
So simple to ignore.
It just sat there collecting dust.

No more dusty from overusing;
The box started to grow.
Bigger and bigger
No matter how hard he tried to stop it.

Suddenly it turned into a dark endless room.
He kept it locked and bolted.
He colored it from the outside
With rainbow colors to throw off suspicion;
Just a normal ordinary room,
Not much to see.
Keep walking, please.

But he knew the secret,
He couldn’t ignore it.
It became his very own Dorian Grey picture.
The idea of walking into the room
Terrified him.
Seeing all his darkness, his demons,
Everything that he tried so hard to ignore
And pretend it wasn’t in him;
That was his hell;
His undoing.

He doesn’t know what to do;
How to uncreate this box,
How to protect himself from his demons.
But until he does,
It is just another ordinary room.
Nothing to see here.
Keep walking, please.


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