Women Poop too!

Now I begin this topic by stating that: I am a girl and a Human begine with bowel movements,and like any other human I also produces some wastes in the form of poop.Ok phew, Glad we got that out of the way; Now the reason I am stating this fact is because latley the impossible standers which somtimes reaches the point of the dehumenization of women is pissing me the fuck off!

I can see a few of our lovely male conterparts and some of our fellow women rolling their eyes thinking there goes another feminist ranting about equality and the “Stop waxing let arm pit hair grow movement”.I am sorry but No, thats not what I am talking about. I mostly encourage waxing cause after it your skin is all silky and godess like (you go girl) ,that being said it does hurt like a mother fluffer and if you dom’t want to then you are still awesome .

However;I am talking about those subtle thoughts or stereo typing of women where you are almost denied the simple Biologicle process of pooping; I swear some guys are so delusional in their perception of women that a women going to a bathroom on a date for them is a huge turn off. hell I once heard a story of a newly wed Bride who got a bad case of conctipation cause she didn’t want to go to the hotel suit bathroom in front of her husband so she wouldn’t turn him off. While I bet you he farted during their slow dance!(nothing conceals farts like an Enrique Eglcias song). It bugs me to no end that the Bride felt embarassed and self concious about this simple fact of life that is that women poop too!

Shame on you for excercising your bodies right to get rid of waste, so instead you get girls who are so afraid and self concious of others opinions that they begin to use words like “I am going to check my makeup” or “fix my hair”.
I am not saying you should flat out say: I am going to poop, but you can just say “I am going to the bathroom” thats it! No need to sugar coat anything if you think of how much women conceil their bodily functions in order not to scare off a man or uncloak his innocent eyes to the fact that we share most bodily functions (except of course the painful ones). Which brings me to my next point; How much men are grossed out about minstrel cycles or as they are well known as periods, but on the other hand they would talk and joke about wanking and morning wood like they are talking about the weather, they even sing about it!or How he did it once in an ally -No, thats not disgusting at all- (said in a sarcastic voice with half closed eyelids) or How big the douce they just dropped in the bathroom is, but God forbid he ever buys your maxi pads for you -eww coodies-
Men are perfectly fine being gross infront of us they even take pride in it.I’m not saying we should do the same but don’t be God damn ashamed of it. Yes, women are fucking majestic, but you are allowed a bad hair day or a day where you’re not feeling up to your normal sleek updo; so you just pile it up with a scrunchie and some bobby pins. You don’t have to be photo shopped 24/7. You can face the Universe without make up and you don’t have to make excuses about why you didn’t feel like getting dolled up ,you have the simple right to just not feel like it and that is perfectly fine. If you are into the whole dark eye liner mascara dramatic eye thing and one day you woke up looked at the mirror and said:”screw it, I don’t feel like doing all that” don’t go to work telling people you didn’t have time or you are tired just say “well I thought this was more Awesome!” and again, I’m not saying by getting dressed up or dolled up you are betraying your own sex.I am just saying cut yourself some slack its enough that pms-ing turned into being a drama queen or a Bitch, Lets stop denying ourselves our simple biological right; so next time you hear a chovinistic comment like “women shouldn’t…… folowed by something stupid remember you have a pair of awesome life giving ovaries and without them that stupid chivonastic prick wouldn’t be alive !


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