Relationship Agreement Part 8

Section 19: The Bathroom:

  1. It doesn’t matter where the toilet seat is between bathroom trips. What matters is that the toilet seat is up while the male is peeing.
  2. Any pee traces on the toilet/toilet seat must be wiped by the source.
  3. The sink and bathtub must be rinsed and cleaned after shaving. No hair traces are allowed.
  4. There are towels for the hands and face; those are to be used by both parties. But each party has their own shower towels. Private areas are to be cleaned using each party’s own towel.

Section 20: Pre and During Pregnancy:

  1. Parties must agree on the wait period for having kids. If either party is not ready, then the wait period gets extended.
  2. The male is to be an active part in the baby preparation and shopping phase.
  3. The male is to be considerate of all pregnancy needs and mood swings; the female has no control over that.
  4. The male is allowed a full day once a week to do whatever he wants away from the house and the female as a reward if he complies to points B and C

Section 21: Kids:

  1. kid(s) are not just the mother’s responsibility.
  2. Both parties share all responsible; bathing, feeding, diaper changing, etc.
  3. There is no fun parent and strict parent. Both form an alliance that decides on everything.
  4. If one parent is unable to handle the kid(s) due to exhaustion, anger, etc, the other parent steps in.

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