Relationship Agreement Part 7

Section 16: PMSing:

  1. PMSing is a real issue and is not exaggerated by the female.
  2. Symptoms differ from one female to another. Clear agreements must be made regarding this issue.
  3. The male is to be completely understanding of the female’s symptoms and pains.
  4. The male must provide comfort food and chocolate.
  5. While reality checks are encouraged, the male must be very careful about what he says when the female is PMSing; lying in this case is ok (this is allowed to protect the male).

Section 17: Fights:

  1. Fighting is a natural phenomenon in all relationships, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be civilized.
  2. Snapping is NOT ALLOWED in public or in front of family members under any circumstances; that includes the dirty look.
  3. During any stage of the fight, either party can call for A Pause. That means the fight will be put on pause and continued later on. The Pause is encouraged when either party feels that the fight is getting out of control and things might escalate. Cool down/pause period could go up to 2 days and never less than 2 hours.
  4. Neither should be too proud to apologize if mistaken. And the other side shouldn’t take advantage of that.
  5. No physical violence is accepted under any circumstances. That includes slaps.
  6. Once a fight is resolved and forgiveness has been declared; that matter can’t be used again in future fights or conflict. Let bygones be bygones.

Section 18: Housework:

  1. Housework is not only limited to the female and it is not her obligation. The male didn’t marry a maid. Since this is a partnership, the male must share in the house work; this is a sign of respect and love.
  2. The kitchen is an open place for both parties; that includes cooking and cleaning.

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