Relationship Agreement Part 6

Section 13: Clothes:

  1. Never under any circumstances can the male tell the female that she should change her style of clothes, that she should wear makeup or high heels. What he can do is buy her something and suggest it would look great on her. If she doesn’t like it, that is not an insult to the male.
  2. The male can offer whatever opinions regarding her clothes that were agreed on from the beginning of the relationship, i.e. too tight, too short, or revealing.
  3. Never under any circumstances can one party compare the counterparty to someone else, especially with regards to beauty, body size and shape,or clothes. You have chosen your counterparty knowing what they are like; you are to live with your choice forever.

Section 14: Reality Check and Open Communication:

  1. Both parties must understand that they both can’t read minds. No dropping signals and then getting upset when the counterparty doesn’t pick them up.
  2. If either party is not happy with anything in the relationship, it is essential to share this information with the counterparty who will not be offended.
  3. If a party doesn’t like something that the counterparty does or says, then said party can inform the counterparty with that information but only as FYI; meaning, no party can demand a change in the counterparty. Acceptance is an important part of any relationship.
  4. No jealousy allowed, and no overreacting.
  5. Both parties must provide reality checks whenever needed. No use having one party living in lala land. Those are not to be considered discouragement.
  6. In case either party is going through a really tough circumstances ex. death of a close member, the other party is to offer emotional support in the beginning. Once said party is starting to emotionally and mentally recover, the counterparty has to go back to treating them normally; he/she is given permission to start acting mean whenever the other one is acting pathetic.
  7. No nagging or bitching allowed.
  8. If either party bitches and moans a lot about the same issue, the counterparty has the right to ignore them, make fun of them, be mean, be an asshole, etc. A reality check in this case is considered an obligation by the counterparty.

Section 15: Money:

  1. The male doesn’t have to pay for everything or every time both parties go out together.
  2. If the female treats the male to a meal or an entire outing, that is not an insult to his masculinity

That is the end of it folks…  once new things piss us off about relationships we will add them.

Until then, why not comment and tell us about the rules you’d like to add 🙂


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