The Abyss Of Greatness

  They twirled around,  losing themselves to the music as they worshiped their Lord. An act long frowned upon by many, yet admired by others. Their ways were forgotten, its sacred beauty lost to a world of machine and science. But here, now, they remember. They remember the feel of belonging, they remember the true surrender of will to their creator and they remember to give in and to trust in Him. 
O my Lord
O' Great One
All my pleas, yearnings I bring to you written on my face
What can I ask from You
For at your doorstep do I bow, obliterate myself, and emerge again anew
O' my Lord 
O' Great One
    A path of relief, you may call it, a way to let go of their difficulties in those hours. As they listened to the beat of the music flow through their bodies, they became lost in an abyss of beauty and wonder. Hands neatly folded near their hearts, as if feeling the power of bless move through their veins, heart beating loudly in sync with the beats of the drums. The scent of promise spreading with the incense of the heavenly-promised misq. A token from Him and a promise.
O Lord, O my Lord
O Great One
A fragrance emanated from somewhere
I wandered lost in its search
It was a beautiful epiphany of illusions
It  was only when I came upon Your path, 
that the truth dawned upon me
I gaped in astonished wonder
It was within me that the fragrance, 
to which You had introduced me
Oh my Lord 
Oh Great One
    They whirled around together but each in their own different world, lost in meditation. Circling to the sounds of the drums and words of worship, yet they did not fall nor clash. Each in their place, moving as the beats grew steadily faster and louder pushing those yearning souls closer to what they seek. 
Oh my Lord
Oh Merciful One
Let me remain prostrate before You,
I will not go anywhere now
I surrender to You, 
in this surrender does my past die, 
from this surrender do I emerge anew
Oh my Lord, O Great One
O Merciful One
  A dance of prayer calling for people to join them, to lose themselves in His bless and forgiveness. Their jilbab waist down whooshed, creating beats of its own. It flew around them as they twirled creating a spiritual work of art. They slowly relaxed, letting go of the stress, the grief and heartache. Free. They were freeing their heart, soul and mind, seeking a moment of tranquility. A moment of peace, but they found an abyss instead, the Abyss of Greatness.

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