Relationship Agreement Part 4

Section 10: Sex:

  1. It is not mandatory to have sex on the first night of marriage. It is important for both parties to be ready and comfortable.
  2. “Dating” after getting married is to be accepted by the male. That means taking it one base at a time till each one is perfected.
  3. Research on pleasing the counterparty is advised, encouraged, and necessary. Porn is not a reference
  4. Having intensive knowledge about different sexual techniques and positions doesn’t mean that either had had a sexual relationship before, i.e. you didn’t marry a slut/manwhore.
  5. Foreplay is a MUST; only the female has the right to skip it when she wants.
  6. Compliments and appraisal for both parties are very important
  7. Both parties must do their part in making themselves look sexy for the counterpart, not only the female.
  8. Sex is NOT the natural progress of every touch. Second base and cuddling is considered a good closure.
  9. If either party is not in the mood, it is acceptable.
  10. It is encouraged for the female to make the first move; it is not only the male’s job.
  11. Constructive criticism is encouraged.
  12. Both parties must strive to become better sexual partners.
  13. The female and the male must always switch who is in control.
  14. Both parties must do all they can to keep their sex life alive.
  15. Trying new things in bed is highly encouraged… Really kinky fantasies must be discussed in advance.
  16. A safe word is a MUST; even when not doing kinky stuff. The safe word signals a stop; either party could be uncomfortable with what is taking place.
  17. NO PDA. The maximum amount of affection to be done in public is holding hands and kissing away from the mouth.
  18. No innuendos in public. Even if started by other members of the gathering, including parents.
  19. No sharing any sexual information with anyone; that includes parents and close friends.

Section 11: Occasions and Gifts:

  1. Forgetting an important occasion is not the end of the world, but the counterparty must be heavily compensated.
  2. No generic gifts allowed. Gifts are to be meaningful and personal; it is not about how expensive it is. It is better to buy a nurf-gun that one party has wished for and play with it together, than an expensive bottle of perfume.

Section 12: Romantic gestures:

  1. Romantic gestures don’t only belong in movies. They are essential as they help maintain affection in the marriage life.
  2. The gestures include but not limited to: kisses (not leading to sex), hugs, hand holding, cuddling on couch, and silly gifts.
  3. Gestures are not only limited to the male; the female also has the same obligation.

Make sure to check out the previous parts


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