I can’t take this anymore,

I just wanna scream leave me alone,

Let me be.

your rules confined my every move,

It seems I can’t even breath without an approve.

What the hell do you want from me!

I take whatever you throw my way.

I try my best not to complain,

Keep my words deep inside

And get only to write them down

But now this fire is burning my inside.

My life is so empty

No dreams, no goals

Except to escape this life,

Check things off my can’t-do list

And for the first time

Start living, start breathing

Without praying for the day I come undone.

I’m tired of not doing things my way.

I’m tired of waiting for his highness’s say.

I wanna be in control

And never have to fold.

I wanna break these invisible chains.

I wanna do what I want.

I wanna breathe.

I wanna be free.

But time is passing so slowly,

I’m starting to doubt

I’ll ever escape this hole.


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