The Loneliness Wall

In her life she feels so alone.

No one is in sight and everything feels cold.

She is isolated even from those she knows.

She used to believe,

She used to trust,

Till life proved how stupid that is.

People lie, deceive and they betray,

It is as if it is their principle.

Maybe not everyone is the same,

But it seems like those are the only one she meets.

She finally paid attention

And learned her lesson,

She finally gave up on people.

She has built a wall around her heart

To keep people away,

To keep from getting hurt.

She never lets them know who she really is,

She doesn’t let anyone in,

She doesn’t trust any.

The more people she met,

The bigger the wall became.

Now it is growing on its own,

She can’t help it any more.

She is starting to fear

She might never be able to break through it

Or escape from it.

She is scared she might live the rest of her life

Alone and untrusting

With no one to hold her

Or make her feel all right.


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