The Darkness

Driven to darknessI fight my way out.

I pull myself together,

Thinking the worst is over,

Thinking I’ve vanquished my misery.

But just as I find the light

Something pulls me back in,

Deeper and darker than ever before,

Stripping me of all defense

And all my strength,

Reopening all my wounds

And bringing back all the pain.

I try my best to fight,

I try my best to push back,

But every time I’m close

I keep on falling back.

Fight or no fight,

The light is nowhere to be found,

And darkness wins every time.

I’ve given up,

I’ve lost hope,

I don’t wanna fight no more.

It is the same story every time.

So now I wonder

What is the point of it all!

I’m surrendering to the darkness,

Maybe in it I won’t see,

How lost and hopeless I can be.


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