The Fading Shadow

He looks in the mirror
It is the same face.
To everyone else
He is the same as always.
But looking closely
Something in the depth of his eyes is different,
They don’t look like his anymore;
Maybe because life has taken its toll on him,
Maybe because he has seen too much of reality,
Maybe because his innocence is no longer there.

From the inside
Everything about him is different;
Parts of him are shattered,
Some are lost
And others are forever dead.
The things he does,
The words he says,
The anger he feels,
(Looking back to who he was),
These things do not feel like his
But of someone he has never met
And never imagined, in his worst nightmares,
He’d ever become.

He is less than a shadow of who he was,
When or where he lost way
He doesn’t have the slightest clue
And he doesn’t know how he got there.
He is trying to get back,
He is trying to find his old self,
But he can’t even remember
The person he used to be.


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