Happily Never After

They look at her
And think they have her all figured out,
She tells them love is nothing but a lie
And they think they know what it is all about.

They say she must have fallen pretty deep
Only to find out that it was never meant to be,
They think she must have lived a beautiful dream
Only to wake up to a nightmare,
Never realizing that they are not even close.

All her life she watched how innocent hearts gets broken,
How dream come crashing to the floor.
She saw how easily people lie,deceive
Pretend they are in love when it is all just a game
Never caring who gets hurt on the way.
She saw how they fall in and out of love everyday
Every time believing it is the real thing,
They’ve found their one and only
but after a while it is all just another memory.
She witnessed how love can crush a spirit
And break it into a million little pieces
Never to be whole again.

She promised never to give her heart to any,
To stay strong for eternity,
Never to give in to those trying to convince her
That love is real and it is why we are here.
But if that were real
It would never change, it would never die
or caused the break of an innocent heart,
It wouldn’t have been so hard to find.

How could it be that you can’t see
Love belongs to alternate realities
In Neverland and Kingdom Of Far Far Away,
In the myths of the Greek and Romans.
Love is an illusion,love is a lie,
Love is a happily never after.


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