The Relationship Agreement Part 2

Now that we have covered the Golden Rules (insert link here); it is time to start talking about more points in details… So, here we go.

Section 1: Phone calls

  1. A maximum of one call can be made a day to check up on the other party of the relationship (not one call each, but one call total). This call can’t exceed more than 20 minutes under any circumstances.
  2. In case of a serious matter at hand, a total of 3 calls could be made.
  3. Massages or chats are to be used normally, not excessively. You are to stick to the same amount of exchanges you had before you became in a relationship.
  4. Neither party has to call the other one whenever they reach or leave a place; this is not the NSA, no need to keep taps.
  5. Not answering the phone is not a big issue; but the call must be returned within a max of 3 hours. Otherwise, a text must be sent within an hour notifying the counterparty with when they will be able to call them back.

Section 2: Me-Time and Hobbies

  1. Each party has to leave the house for a full day at least twice a month so the counterparty can have the house for themselves to relax and have some me-time
  2. If one party is practicing his/ her hobby that requires concentration, ex. reading and video games, the other party is to remain silent and away from eyesight; unless he/she is on fire and there is no one else to help.
  3. Both parties must find a hobby to practice together at least once a month.
  4. At least twice a month, there should be a night of fooling around, playing games, watching movies, etc. no act or game is to be considered too silly

Section 3: Outings

Without the counterpart:

  1. When engaged; going out without the counterparty doesn’t require him/her to know.
  2. As long as both parties are not living together, neither of them could forbid the other party from doing anything..
  3. After marriage, if the male doesn’t have an evening planned and therefore is staying home, that doesn’t mean that the female also has to stay home; and vice versa.

 With the counterpart:

  1. In case both parties were invited to two different events on the same day and were required to bring the counter party, then the event that was agreed upon first, gets picked. (The Dips rule applies here)
  2. Negotiations for which event to choose could only be done if both parties agree to negotiate.
  3. If either party can’t go to the event, it is not the end of the world.
  4. Each party gets 1-2 days a month for lazing around and thus gets the right to skip any event or outing unless he/she had already said they were going.

Section 4: Friends:

  1. Neither party can forbid the other party from seeing a certain friend no matter what.
  2. No comments about the other party’s friends; what they did, said, wore, etc.
  3. Both parties are allowed to have as many friends from the opposite sex as they wish to have. And all forms of communications are allowed.
  4. Jealousy of the counterparty’s opposite sex friends is not allowed. However, if there are clear signs of obvious and open flirtation, then both parties must sit down, deal with the situation and come up with a plan.

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