Ignorance Is a Bliss

Forget what you’ve been told.

Forget the misconceptions.

Ignorance is a bliss

That only the lost can feel.

Don’t think about what you’re missing,

Don’t think about your lost wishes,

Or if they’ll ever become real.

Knowledge is a burden

When sought but not achieved.

Trying to figure out who you are,

To know what you want in life,

And to figure how to get there,

Then to fail miserably

Is the worst feeling in the world.

To be thrown into a battlefield with no weapon

Is a more merciful fate.

Don’t think about your dreams,

Don’t think about your goals,

If you haven’t figured them out yet,

Then their time has yet to come.

You can’t force what is not meant to be.

You can’t see what is not ready be seen.

Ignorance is a bliss.

It is the friend that we once resented,

Yet it is still here for us to lose ourselves in

Till we’re ready to face reality.



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