The Forest of Darkness


In the forest of my life

Lies the truth I can’t face,

The fears that once haunted me,

And the lost dreams that broke me.

In the forest of my life

Darkness is all that is there.

It is all that I can see, feel, smell, and hear.

I hear whispers from everywhere,

Even the ground I am walking on.

Whispers that are meant to drive me out of my mind,

From people I’ve once hurt, and people I’ve forever lost.

They want me to join them,

To become a whisper in the dark.

Their temptation is so sweet

Like a Siren singing the song of my soul.

I try to focus, clear my mind

I have to block them out;

So I close my ears and heart.

I grope my way in the darkness.

I try to sense my way out.

But there is no end to it,

No exit sign.

I try to scream,

But the darkness strangles my voice.

I try to fight,

But the darkness wears me out.

It is too much for me to take,

I can barely breathe any more.

I keep hoping for a shadow of a light,

For a savior to find me,

For a miracle.

But in a forest of darkness

The only thing you can hope for

Is less darkness.


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