Shattered Illusion

Scratch a wall long enough

It will come crashing down.

No matter how strong,

No matter how thick,

Scratch it long enough

And it will turn to tiny rubbles

Impossible to build again.


And so the illusion got shattered

Scratched by doubts of its truthfulness;

If it is real happiness or a make-believe.


The world of unexisting unfulfilled dreams,

Of trivial disappointments of a life unlived,

The world of illusions and happiness,

Shattered, forever gone,

Shredding all that remains around.


Now a dystopian world remains

With memories of what has never been

Like shadows following me, reminding me

Of what was wished for but never came to be.


Now on the run from my shadows and demons,

I search for a new world;

Real or not, it doesn’t matter.

An illusion of happiness

Is better than a painful reality.



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