A Flutter Of Hope

    Butterflies fluttered and flew away as she laughed for the joyous day it was. She looked at the mirror and twirled around admiring the beautiful dress she wore. Trinkets hanging from her waist, matched the ones on her long and silky hair, hoping they would reflect the sun’s light when the time came.

   A knock on her door stopped her midway, as friends pushed the door ajar, peaking in before they walked towards her with their final blessings.
She exclaimed when she saw the gifts, a precious tiara and a white veil; for it was a difficult time and hard to find such beauties.

   She bowed her head giving them the honor of laying the adornments upon her, when her eyes blurred with unshed tears of love and happiness. She returned to the mirror and beamed at the others reflections and said,
“My life starts today”
They smiled as they admired her beauty on such a great day, envying her luck. She grabbed their hands, pulling them to dance around together.

   As their cheerful laughter echoed, little did they know that a man not far away was staring at the bright sky, the colorful butterflies passing by.

  A crimson stain appeared above his heart and spread patiently through his shirt. It took its time in ruining his careful grooming for the day ahead. He gasped for life, fighting the grasp of death. It was not long before he took his final breath, her name a whisper on his lips. Blank eyes stared at the clear skies, as his lifeless hand dropped the ring he was clutching to give his heart. Little did his heart know that her life has perished on her promised day, their flutter of hope flew away.


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