A Proud Freak

They tell me to change

change all that I am;

The way I dress, act

And even think.

They tell me “You are a girl,

Make us feel that you’re one,

Wear a skirt or a dress,

Put on some makeup and high heels,

Make us see that you are a girl.

Stop being so independent,

Stop acting strong.

You’re a girl,

Be a little needy.

You’re a girl,

So start acting like one”.


They tell me over and over again

“That mind of yours will get you nowhere

Don’t be so picky,

Don’t say no marriage till graduation.

Find a guy and grab him by the arm,

Get married and never let him go”.

They tell me “Forget about logic,

Love with all your heart,

Don’t give way to your mind,

Prince charming won’t like it

And the white horse will soon leave.


Just don’t be who you are,

Forget all about it.

You’re a girl

And that defines who you are,

There is no room for anything otherwise.

There is a rule book for girls

Memorize it by heart and apply it.

You’re a girl

Your life has been planned for you

Since the day you were born one”.


I say screw it all.

You want to see that I’m a girl

Then check my ID.

I have nothing to prove

And that is all to it.

Being a girl is my gender

Not my road map.

I’ll do what I want,

Dress how I like,

And act like the person I am.

I always have and always will.

I don’t want Mr. Perfect

Or Prince Charming and his horse,

I want Mr. I-want-you-the way-you-are.


I won’t change to fit your society,

I won’t change for anyone but me.

And if you have a problem with that,

I’ll leave being a girl to you

And enjoy being the freak I am.




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