The Waking Nightmare

A nightmare put to sleep

Will surely wake up;

The monster won’t be fooled,

You can’t keep it away forever.

It will come back and it will strike

Harder than ever in the speed of light.

You tried to pretend it wasn’t real;

That it was an illusion that doesn’t exist.

But you’ve only put it to sleep

Till it became stronger then before;

More powerful than you could’ve imagined.


Don’t think it will spare you;

It knows no mercy.

Don’t think you’ll defeat it;

It knows your dark secrets and every weakness.

It knows you better than you do.


Your screams are silent,

Your running is stopped.

You’re stuck inside your own head,

Escaping from the darkness that is you,

Trying to wake up from the nightmare that is life.

Don’t try to fight, don’t try to run

You’ll only delay the inevitable

And make it more undefeatable.

Just stand still for it to come

To wash you over;

Collect you as one of its victims.

You might think it is a horrible fate,

But trust me when I say:

It is better and more merciful than your endless futile run.


Just stand still,

It will be over in one endless second.



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