Little Things

         Life is full of sucky things; disease, poverty, war,etc.. You name it; planet Earth has it ! – I mean you kinda want to beat up Pandora for unleashing all this crap on Human kind- but it’s our reality and we have to deal with it , but I find sometimes life holds lots of surprises and wonders. These little discoveries that make it all worth while. I know some of you might say “Little! What do you mean little you? Should talk about discovering planets and galaxies and cures for diseases. Isn’t that what’s important?”. Well, on the wide scale; yes, but there are other hidden discoveries that we some times find everyday and overlook in our haste to just get somewhere. So for me these are the things that make me stop and remove the “race” from the word- human race -and just become human:

  • Stumbling upon a  new awesome song that just speaks to me at this particular moment and touches my soul, that you feel it’s your little secret; that it’s YOUR song, and that you’re the only one that gets it to the extent that you don’t want any one else to hear it; you keep playing it over and over and never get sick of it -Smeagol has nothing on you.
  • Going to the book shop and buying a book randomly and forgetting about it for a while and then after whatever time it may be, it catches your eye on your dusty shelf  and you start reading the first few pages and BAM! your insides are just giddy and dancing the hola by how awesome you think this book is going to be.
  •   Trying a new Ice -cream flavor that you never tried and it just makes your taste buds make sweet love and you’re just looking all around to see if people can see how dorky you look.
  • Watching t.v with your family and realizing that you are the only one sitting there that knows how the plot ends. I mean COME ON!  That’s pretty awesome when they’re all asking you different kind of questions about the movie and you just smirk and stay silent all wise and Yoda like  .
  •  Saying a Dorky/Nerdy reference to a stranger and find, to your surprise, that they understood it and even laughed their asses off .
  • Waking up and realizing you’re alone in the house, so you blast the speakers on and play your favorite song as loud as you could while singing along at the top of your lungs -off key I might add .
  • Finding a new brand of chocolate or coffee that appeals to you in the super market .
  • Sneaking a coffee break in the middle of your errands or working hours to enjoy some quality -me- time
  • When  an adaptation of your favorite book is made into a movie that just does the book justice that you are left for days thinking about the characters.
  • When you find a childhood toy being sold now in stores or a brand of candy that you used to buy when you were little
  • Balloons; do I need to say more. Ok fine helium filled balloons 🙂
  • Drinking water after eating Ice cream.
  • Remembering all the crushes you had on super heroes, cartoon and book charterers (and STILL have ) while you were growing up.
  • Discovering an unknown movie that turns out to be the experience of a life time
  • receiving a bear hug from a toddler or a baby; that, my friend, is bound to turn your day into fuzzy goodness.

So in conclusion this is my list. What is yours? Share your thoughts on your ” little things” that makes this earth bearable!


4 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. -My me-time at the end of the day with my chocolate and Pepsi
    -Discovering an awesome show that has been playing for years and binge watch it.
    -Eating chocolaty cupcake after a looooong break and have a foodgasm.
    -Having the house for a whole day for myself and enjoy doing nothing.
    -Waking up on my own; no alarm or anyone forcing me too.

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  2. -having Nutella for breakfast
    -reading a book and somehow you are stuck in its world that you can’t even go to another
    -listening to a song that just makes you smile and dance whenever you hear it
    -eating in the fridge or on the bed
    -watching a horrible movie and make fun of it

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