The Relationship Agreement

The Relationship Agreement

Nowadays, there are a lot of misconceptions about marriage from both males and females. It is viewed as an objective or an end. Once the female reaches her twenties, society tells her that if she doesn’t find any husband soon, she is screwed. It is how a female can secure shelter and a future. For the males, it is having kids to carry on their name, and to have someone to take care of them. Both parties enter relationships with certain expectations with regards to what will change and what won’t. These expectations are born not out of communication, but out of our imagination and the theory that our partner can read our minds. Hence, we have this; The Relationship Agreement, an agreement between both parties for any and all stages of relationships; engagement, marriage, with kids, separation, and divorce. It will cover basic rules that are to be followed.

This is a non-legal yet binding contract. Violation of this contract by either party shall result in whatever dire consequence the counterparty chooses or whatever penalty previously agreed upon. It is recommended that the male’s punishment be home chores; preferably whatever chores he hates.

Both parties can add any clause they would like to add AFTER both parties have agreed and negotiated the terms.

Every few weeks we will be posting new rules covering different aspects of the relationship.

The Golden Rules

  1. The male shouldn’t enter any relationship with something to prove, especially his masculinity. Whatever the female does or doesn’t do shouldn’t be interpreted as an insult to it.
  2. The male must understand that he hasn’t married a babymaker-maid; and the female has not married a piggy bank that she must please and cater to his every whim in order to secure a home.
  3. Marriage is a partnership where both parties are equal and working together to make each other love life.
  4. The most important responsibility of each party is not to treat the other part as if they are fragile; they must make each other strong.
  5. No party has control over the other party.
  6. No one party’s day is to be considered more important than the other’s.
  7. Sarcasm is to be encouraged and used as a basic part of the relationship.
  8. If one party gets offended as a result of sarcasm, the counterparty owes no apology.
  9. Both parties are to accept each other as they are; the motto of the relationship is to be “I love and accept you; shit and all” and not “I love and accept you despite the shitty parts”.
  10. Both parties are in the same ship together. They must face whatever life throws at them as one.
  11. No disrespecting the counterparty no matter what happens.
  12. No secrets. Whatever happened in the past is to be completely forgiven and forgotten.
  13. No fixing allowed no matter how broken a party is unless said party has asked for help.

Check out part 2 here


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